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Ready for Prep : 5 years (or due to commence prep in 2023)

This is a year-long school-readiness program offered to children commencing school in 2022. The environment is set up to mimic a typical prep classroom (e.g. whole group space, dedicated seating, visual schedule representing activities for the group). The program aims to prepare and support our clients to transition to school by providing opportunities to practice social, behavioural and emotional behaviours to support learning at school. It focuses on building the following skills:

· Development of classroom routines and expectations, e.g. sitting at the mat and table for longer periods of time, following a structured routine (e.g. table top activity, whole group story reading, then unstructured play), raising hand to talk, lining up, marking the roll, asking to go to the bathroom, asking for help, managing personal belongings

· Being able to transition between activities and locations (e.g. inside/outside) calmly

· Fine motor skills required for prep (cutting, pasting, pre-writing and writing skills)

· Foundational social skills including turn taking, focusing attention to the speaker (e.g. teacher, peer) or activity

· Foundational communication skills: expressing needs clearly, asking and answering simple questions, using sentences to talk to peers and play with them

· Understanding basic emotions, and how to express emotions in safe and appropriate ways

Ready for Prep : 5 years (or due to commence prep in 2023)


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