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Social Cubs (Kids in Prep)

This is a social skills group program run by Speech and Occupational Therapists, focusing on building the following skills:

· Making and keeping friends (e.g. joining a group in play, having conversations with peers, taking turns in games and following rules, and learning how to deal with loosing)

· Social problem solving (e.g. what to do if your friend won’t let you play, or if you forget your lunch box, when and how to ask adults for help), including matching emotional reactions to the size of the problem appropriately

· Listening to and following instructions (and staying on task)

· Being able to read own and other’s emotions, and being able to respond to the emotions of others in a cooperative, functional, and empathetic manner

· Knowing what behaviours are expected in different social situations (e.g. in the classroom versus playing a game outside with peers, versus during sports lesson)

· Learning how to play together (e.g. how to share ideas, think flexibly, stay calm when things don’t go own way or to plan)

This program is based on the “We Thinkers” Social Thinking.

Program for early learners. To read more about the program, click here:

Note: for children that do not currently attend Zanda for 1:1 therapy sessions, a “meet and greet” session is required with our therapists. This helps us to ensure that your child is an appropriate match for the group and will benefit from attending.

Social Cubs (Kids in Prep)








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