Social Detectives (5-6 years)

This is a social skills group program run by Speech and Occupational Therapists, focusing on building the following skills:

· Making and keeping friends

· Working as part of a group successfully (during play and learning activities)

· Learning to identify feelings and emotions and connect them to behaviours

· Social problem solving

· Perspective Taking (being able to see things from another person’s point of view)

· Understanding expected and unexpected behaviour, and how this impacts the thoughts and feelings of other people

· Other specific social learning principles targeted to the individual needs of group members

This group is based on the ‘Social Thinking’ approach. To learn more about Social Thinking, click here:

Social Detectives (5-6 years)




4:30-5:30pm (50 minutes group time, 10 minutes ‘parent chat’)




Ivanhoe Hub

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