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Hear our director Zara chat about our unique "Ready for Prep" Group therapy program, suitable for children due to commence prep in 2024.

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"Ready for Prep" Group Therapy Program - Key Information 

About the Group

  • For children due to commence prep in 2024 ​

  • Group runs per school term. Term 1 commences Monday 30th Jan, finishes Friday 8th April

  • Environment is set up to mimic a typical prep classroom (e.g. whole group mat space, dedicated seating, visual schedule displaying order of activities)

  • Program aims to prepare and support children to successfully transition to school by providing weekly opportunities to practice social, behavioural, fine motor, emotional, language and pre reading skills to support learning at school

  • Groups capped at 5 x students per group and facilitated by our experienced Speech and Occupational Therapists, supported by our therapy assistants 

  • All students in the group receive an individualised goals plan, and summary report per term 

  • Term 4 of the program includes an optional meeting with the lead group therapist and your child's primary school - to ensure school understands how to best support your child's transition to prep (based on strategies we have found to work successfully with your child in the group throughout the year)

  • Groups run daily, 10am - 12pm at both our Ivanhoe and Macleod hubs (students typically attend one group session per week)

Group Program Goals

Communication skills

e.g. answering questions, asking for help, using language to interact with peers 

Fine motor skills

e.g. writing letters of the alphabet, being able to do up jacket zips and open packets

Emotional regulation skills
e.g. recognising emotions in self and others, regulating emotions for learning

Social skills

e.g. supporting children to connect with peers (using neurodiversity affirming strategies and programs)

Attention skills

e.g. being able to follow instructions, pay attention to the teacher, complete tabletop activities that require more focus 

Pre reading skills

e.g. building awareness of letter sounds and other essential building blocks for reading success 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a referral from my GP?
    No, a referral is NOT required. Simply contact us to arrange your appointment. Some clients may be eligible for partial Medicare rebates in which case a GP referral is required.
  • Are you an NDIS provider?
    We can see families who have Plan or Self- Managed NDIS funds. We are not a registered provider so unfortunately cannot provide services to families with agency managed NDIS funds.
  • ​Can you speak with my child's daycare/preschool staff, teacher or other health care professional? ​"
    Yes, we are more than happy to liaise with anyone working with your child to help improve their communication. We can also provide training and support to them on how best to help.
  • Do I get a rebate from my health care fund?
    You will need to check with your health care fund if you are covered for speech pathology. Zanda is registered with most major funds.
  • Am I eligible for a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan?
    Your eligibility for a CDM is determined by your General Practitioner ​ Zanda is registered with Medicare to provide Speech Pathology services to those who meet the Medicare requirements. The Chronic Disease Management Plan entitles recipients to up to 5 sessions with a Speech Pathologist per calendar year that are partially covered by Medicare. Each of the 5 CDM sessions attracts a rebate of $53.80 from Medicare (as of November 1, 2013). A GP is responsible for determining whether an individual is eligible to receive a CDM Plan and a GP referral letter is necessary before you can start to claim. Therapy provided by Zanda will need to be paid for as usual, but you will be able to take your receipt to Medicare in order to claim your rebate. In general, those eligible will have a chronic condition (present for longer than 6 months) and complex care needs that require ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team consisting of their GP and at least two other health care providers (e.g. Speech Pathologist, OT, Audiologist, Psychologist). ​ For more information please contact your GP or refer to:
  • How long does the initial consultation go for?
    All first sessions, Speech and Occupational Therapy are 1 hour
  • What is involved in the initial consultation?
    The initial consultation is a chance for the Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist to further explore the concerns you have about your child’s skills. The Therapist will ask you some questions about about how your child currently communicates, socialises, and learns, as well as your goals for your child. The therapist will also complete some games and activities with your child to get to know them, as well as some other assessment activities administered through play/games or at the table.

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