Zanda Programs 2020

See our exciting programs for 2020 below.

We have programs for children, parents, and educators too.

  • Learning Language and Loving It™ - The Hanen Program® for Educators

    Commencé Jan 26

  • Understanding your child's NDIS funding plan & how to advocate

    Commencé Jan 26

  • Supported Group activities for school aged children

    Commencé Jan 6

    60 Australian dollars
  • Dance Program for Children Aged 3-5 years

    Commencé Jan 21

    60 Australian dollars
  • School transition program for students beginning prep in 2021

    Commencé Jan 20

    60 Australian dollars
  • The Hanen Program for Parents of Children with Language Delays

    Commencé Jan 22

    30 Australian dollars


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Children aged 1-12 years old
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We help children socialise and learn:
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building upon your child's strengths, 
​using the latest research. 

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