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 We can help children aged between 1 and 12 years old


Our Speech & Occupational Therapists see children at our therapy hubs, in their homes, at schools, childcares and kinders.


We provide one to one therapy sessions, supported and FUN group activities, consultation and training to parents, educators and other important people in the child's life


Help with the transition to kinder or school, including helping you set up a plan, making sure the educators know how to support your child, and helping your child to feel calm and engaged in their new environment. 

We offer the Hanen program to help parents of late talkers.

This practical program empowers parents to help their children learn to talk


Speech Help


Occupational Therapy Help



Getting Started...

1. Phone

We’ll discuss with you any concerns and questions – and we’ll help you determine if we are the best service to meet your needs. You can schedule in a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your specific concerns.

2. Meet with your friendly therapist

Your therapist will call you to introduce themselves before you come in. They’ll ask what your child is interested in, and some other questions to ensure that first visit is a positive one. We'll meet with yourself and your child to further explore your concerns. We will play some games together and get to know your child and make sure they feel comfortable. We will explain to you how and why we will complete different assessment tasks, so we can determine what might be causing your child any difficulties.

3. Feedback

If you would like a written report, we can complete one. If not, no worries, we always explain our findings and recommendations in plain English anyway. We will explain our assessment findings, and most importantly, how we can help your child achieve positive outcomes. We give you practical strategies from the very beginning (in the first session), so that you can begin to help your child at home.

4. Plan

We help you work out a plan. This includes working out which professionals can best help your child (e.g. Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy), best locations for therapy, and a schedule that fits in with busy family life. We can also help you apply for funding, navigate funding once approved, and connect you with practical help at home too (e.g. therapy assistants or support workers). See our “Therapy Journeys” examples below

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