Zanda Mission

We help children socialise and learn:

providing a personalised experience, 

building upon your child's strengths, 

​using the latest research. 


Our Approach

  • 1

    We believe 'there is always a way' and that 'we are more than just therapists.'

  • 2

    This means we work with you to design a creative therapy plan that works for your family. We take the stress away from you by helping you set this up.

  • 3

    We look beyond diagnoses or labels, and instead look at your child's strengths and appreciate their uniqueness as an individual. We respect parents choices to seek diagnoses or not. We are here to help in the way the works best for you.

  • 4

    We listen to your concerns, and let YOU set goals for your child that are important to you.

  • 5

    We establish a genuine connection with your child, by matching you with the best therapist for your child's learning style and personality.

  • 6

    We make sessions fun and engaging, with activities based on your child's interest. We love being active and creative, using movement, dance, outside time, and thinking outside of the box.

  • 7

    We understand that therapy isn't the only thing in your life, and provide you with practical strategies that fit into your every routines and activities.

  • 8

    We communicate regularly with everyone involved with your child (e.g. school, kinder, other health professionals), to make sure everyone is consistent in their support of your child's goals. We can visit professionals on site too.

  • 9

    We work as a real life, communicating team! If you see more than one professional at Zanda, we discuss regularly how your child is going, what we can do to help them further, and how we can best support you. Everyone on the same page means better outcomes for your child!

  • 10

    We understand busy families can't always be present at sessions, so we work with you to keep you updated via a convenient method that suits you (e.g. phone call, email, short videos of session activities).


Get to know our amazing team...

  • Zara Duffy

    Principal Speech Pathologist

  • Cassie Magill

    Team Leader & OT

  • Ella Nakulski

    Speech Pathologist

  • Lily Carney

    Occupational Therapist

  • Gabs Mello

    Occupational Therapist

  • Hannah Andrews

    Speech Pathologist

  • Michelle Green

    Therapy Assistant

  • Morgan Perry

    Therapy Assistant

  • Maddi Riley

    Therapy Assistant

  • Ebony Heaney

    Therapy Assistant

  • Jaime Coombs

    Therapy Assistant / Practice Manager

  • Austin Taylor

    Business Manager

  • Nancy Tarshis

    Clinical Advisor

  • Michelle Kingsley

    Clinical Advisor

  • Bessie Loo

    Clinical Advisor


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We help children socialise and learn:
providing a personalised experience, 
building upon your child's strengths, 
​using the latest research. 

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