We help children socialise and learn,
By providing a personalised experience, 
Building upon your child's strengths,  
Using the latest research.

We can help your child with:
Learning First Words  
Having back & fourth Conversations
Understanding Conversations

Speaking Clearly
Improving reading & Writing skills
Making Friends 

Socialising or working in a group

Learning in the Classroom
Understanding & Regulating Emotions
Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Challenging Behaviour

Fussy Eating

Self Care Challenges
And More...

Zanda Hubs


Speech Therapy 

Occupational Therapy 

Therapy Assistance

Programs & Training

Educator Workshops

Children aged 2-12 years old
Home, school, kinder visits

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We help children socialise and learn:
providing a personalised experience, 
building upon your child's strengths, 
​using the latest research. 

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